In the Virgin Islands sailing yachts are popular charters because the country's main attraction for tourism foreign and domestic are the beautiful Virgin Islands. Everybody dreams of a sailing holiday in the Virgin Islands. Yachting Virgin Island makes this dream become reality by offering to the market a large vessel selection with excellent sailing yacht / bare boat prices for charter fitting every budget. The list of sailing yachts ranges from under 10 to over 20 meters in length which includes worldwide known yacht manufacturers and builders. Select a sailing yacht according to the number of people in your group then browse thru the information on how to rent a yacht. What remains is to decide if the yacht you charter will be bareboat or skippered. This depends on your sailing experience. If you are an experienced sailor you can rent it, bare boat or if you are a first time sailor you can rent it with skipper. It’s thateasy. You can email us your sailing inquiry and include the dates you wish your charter to take place and how many people are in your group. We look forward to assist and provide you with the best sailing yacht for your needs so you can enjoy a memorable boating vacation in the Virgin Islands.