Virgin escape charters specializes in finding the perfect match to help make your yacht charter dream vacation a reality. This type of charter makes for the ideal sailing vacation, Book -by-the-cabin sailing journey’s in locations worldwide on sail boats up to 62 Feet with private cabins. Open to solo travelers or groups a sailing collective yacht charter offers a week of excitement as we sail to coastlines and experience the world’s most beautiful landscapes and culture. With your professional crew, who guide your adventure while we sail in exotic locations around the world.

Here’s how it works

Rent a cabin with your own private bathroom just as you can on a cruise ship. Instead of a thousand new acquaintances, you’ll just have a few new friends.


Virgin Escape Charters is happy to help you select the perfect Crewed Yacht for your adventure on the sea. Just answer a few brief questions about your needs, and you can instantly search our worldwide database of crewed sail and motor yachts.